We coordinate and carry out research and technological development activities to support and promote the competitiveness of companies in the agricultural and agri-food sector, through our team of specialists and a dense network of public and private partnerships in Italy and abroad.

Our research and development activities are aimed at addressing the most pressing challenges facing the agricultural and agri-food sector today, from improving the efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices to developing innovative solutions for processing and preserving food products. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and we provide them with tailor-made solutions that leverage our expertise and experience in the field.

Our pool of specialists includes experts in different fields, such as agronomy, food science, engineering, economics, and communication, among others. This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of the agri-food value chain, from production to marketing and distribution.

In addition to our internal expertise, we have established a strong network of partnerships with leading research institutions, universities, and companies in Italy and abroad. This allows us to access the latest knowledge and technologies in the field and to collaborate with the best experts in the industry.

We are committed to promoting innovation and sustainability in the agricultural and agri-food sector and to supporting the growth and competitiveness of our clients.



Welcome to our educational communication service! We believe that effective communication is essential to promote education and raise awareness about the importance of agriculture and food. Our service provides a comprehensive range of educational materials, activities, and resources that are designed to communicate the latest research findings and knowledge in agriculture, as well as promote food literacy and the quality of agri-food products.

Our team of experienced educators, researchers, communicators, and content creators work closely with you to understand your communication needs and design tailored solutions that are effective, engaging, and informative. Whether you are a farmer, food producer, researcher, educator, or consumer, we are here to support you in communicating your message to the world.


Ri.Nova is a cooperative company that specializes in research and experimentation in the field of plant production. We build, manage, and report on regional, national, and international projects.

Our team of experts operates from our three locations in Pievesestina, Martorano (Cesena), and Tebano (Faenza), and we collaborate with a vast network of public and private partners to develop projects for our members and clients in the agri-food sector. To carry out these activities, we leverage the know-how and facilities of our subsidiary, ASTRA.

In addition, our company is structured to disseminate and promote the results of our research and experimentation. We also promote and disseminate the principles of healthy eating and sustainable agriculture through educational communication.

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